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How it works


You will love shopping with us

Our mission is to give you back your time while you relax and shop for yourself, a friend or family member without taking a step out of the comfort of your home. De West Wind is a new experience in online shopping and delivery services that is fast, affordable, and reliable.

Ready to make your life easier?  Here’s how it works…

Step 1: Surf our website or use our app to search through more than 100,000 products.

Step 2: Select your items and put them in your shopping cart.

Step 3: Select your preferred store, if any.

Step 4: Tell us where to deliver the items, provide special instructions (if necessary), and checkout.  

Step 5: Sit back and wait for your items to arrive!  They will be delivered to your door within 60 minutes.  Someone at least 18 years of age must be present to accept the items (or 21 if purchasing alcohol).  Your card will not be charged until the items have been purchased by the courier.

Great Features

  • Order tracking
  • Recurring orders
  • Direct communication with your contractor
  • Reviews of contractors by other customers
  • Optional subscription with huge discounts
  • Digital copies of all of your receipts
  • Notifications on the status of your order
  • Referral system with rewards
  • We can shop for you from anywhere you desire whether is Convenience Store, 7/11 or a Mini Mart.


Direct Pick-ups (Courier Services)

We will run your errands.

Free Membership:

For only a small fee, we can pick up an item from one location and drop it off in another and additional $2.05 per extra mile

Business Accounts/Subscribed Membership:

$99.99 a year

Delivery Fee: A huge discount with addtional $1.85 per eatra mile


Our clients include:

Law Firms





Accounting Firms

Business Offices





Items delivered are:






Non prescribed medications



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